French strategic culture – Les armes et la toge in English.

A taste of French strategic culture. Yes we have one.

Les armes et la toge provide to non french-speakers an insight of french strategic culture. More articles to come.

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Les armes et la toge is a general and strategic culture website.

Its objective is to promote the understanding of key strategic concepts. It makes strategic concepts, great thinkers and elements of reflection on international relations, war and society accessible to everyone.

In no case does the content offered here claim to reach the truth or to strike ready-to-think certainties. It offers answers to certain key issues, or a general idea of ​​important concepts. It should help you firmly defend a position full of nuances.

The project of Les armes et la toge is to provide everyone with an original and quality reflection. And to do it for free. We deal with topics of strategy or international relations as well as major societal issues.

Our ambition is to bring elements to the personal reflection of our readers, detaching ourselves from immediate news. However, we deliberately address a number of social issues that are at the heart of political controversy. The aim of Les armes et la toge is to help reflection in a dispassionate way.